Alena+Nicolay, Saint-Petersburg

We’re editing the video of our wedding and see Vladimir’s style of work. You’d like to remember such kind-hearted professional, that’s why we decide to keep some scenes of the process where he in unbelievable postures looks for and finally captures the best moments and emotions of our wedding. Synonyms to his work – Wow! OMG! Yeah! Rapture and immensely strong impression are our friends, acquaintances and close ones’ reaction after they see wedding pictures. Stunning frame setting, emphasis of minor at first sight details and seizing those unforgettable instants of our Prague fairy-tale. Different people have different feelings, emotions, impressions, so we wanted our wedding day to become one of the wonderful episodes materialized from some happily-ever-after stories. That’s the way it turned out. We can talk for ages however the only thing important to say now is enormous THANK YOU! Thanks, Volodya, for absolute professionalism and fantastic kindness.
P.S. If you want pictures of the groom standing on the bride’s palm or under her high heel, Vladimir Krynytsky is not the person you need.

Galina + Dmitry, Donetsk

True they say that a gifted person is gifted in every aspect. Meeting and communicating with Vladimir, being photographed by him was a real gift of heaven for our wedding. Time flew by, as souvenirs we have the masterpieces by Vladimir. Thank you so much, Volodya, for your work you put your heart into. You present people with time standing still and with beauty coming to life. The impossible is possible with your help. :)

Alex + Lena, Haifa, Israel

Probably the best photographer in whole Czech Republic,
particularly in Prague. 
Vladimir is very professional and talented photographer, we had a very pleasant time while Vladimir took shots of our ceremony and of Prague tour afterwards. 
There’s no doubt about Vladimir’s integrity and skills -everything was accomplished as promised and with high class performance. We want to express our deepest gratitude and to recommend Vladimir’s genius work to anyone. 

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