About Me

I’m glad to welcome you on my wedding photography website. I won’t write how important is to chose a qualified photographer for the best and happiest day of your life. This information is full in all tourism sites and wedding agencies.

But I want you to trust me! That’s why let’s get acquainted!
My name is Vladimir Krinitsky.

I have been lived and worked in Czech republic since 1996. My first photos I made at the age of 13. Thanks to rich photographic history and culture I opened the ‘‘world of photos‘‘ for myself here, in Czech. This led me to the Institute of Creative Photography at Silezian University in Opava where I studied from 2001 to 2005 (Bachelor of Arts degree).My works were presented on the set of personal and collective exhibitions not only in Prague, but far beyond.

All my life I have photographic shot of people in joy and in sorrow leaving unforgetable and unique moments of life in my photos. Often, these were not only individual pictures, but the big, broad themes in which I worked for years. This allowed me to penetrate deeper to the sole of people, whom I shot, to get rid of the ‘‘tourist‘‘ perception of reality and then make pictures which really convey emotion.
To get acquainted with my documentary work, pleas click here.

Now, doing wedding photographs, I understand, that:
My customers need beautiful wedding photographs that convey all the originality, the solemnity and pathos of this significant day.
Photos must emphasize the fact that the wedding is being held here, in Czech Republic, with it’s unique atmosphere, architecture, narrow streets, filled with secrets.
Not many customers feel comfortable in front of the lense. So i try to create a pleasant atmosphere during shooting. And they say I do it!
During the wedding photography I need to focus not only the couple and the quests, but the bride separetly. It is so important for brides to have beautiful pictures in a wedding dress.
In conclusion I would say that my work is inherently linked with psychology. Because each person is unique and different and I should find the ‘‘key‘‘ for everyone.
As far as I can find this ‘‘key‘‘ to your pair, depends not only on me but on you.

The only advice that I will allow myself to my future customers is ‘‘Be natural, be yourself and enjoy the moment!‘‘

With best regards and greetings from Prague
Vladimir Krinitsky.